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Montymedia Online Medical Training is an interactive archive offering a mixture of downloadable tutorials, podcasts, on-line streamed tutorials in anatomy, medical imaging, and imaging related medical procedures.

There are also details of courses that can be attended.

New topics will be added at regular intervals to establish a comprehensive archive which will be useful for doctors of all grades and to paramedical specialists for whom medical imaging is becoming more important.

In recent years there have been great advances in Medical Imaging. The technology has advanced and relatively new techniques such as MR have rapidly become 'routine' in medicine. More established technologies such as Ultrasound constantly improve and their ability to demonstrate anatomy increases.

The movement from film based records to digital images has enhanced the ease with which images can be distributed and made available to everyone. This, together with the improvements in technology and the introduction of new technologies has significantly influenced medical practice.

The ability to generate a detailed map of relevant anatomy has influenced both diagnosis and treatment. Surgery can now be planned in detail before any procedure and any possible pitfalls considered in advance.

This emphasis on imaging is altering the practice of medicine and reliance on imaging is displacing clinical skills in many areas. Medical Imaging is therefore becoming increasingly central in medicine.

The need to understand detailed anatomy and the significance of appearances on 'X-Rays' is increasingly important, both to the medical doctor and to the paramedical worker.

The availability of imaging to non doctors has also enabled paramedical specialists to develop their practice.

Hopefully this archive will help to add to your knowledge and understanding of medical imaging and of anatomy.

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